UVSConfigMap CRD

UVSConfigMap CRD in the tenant cluster represents Kubernetes ConfigMap resource in the infrastructure cluster.

UVSConfigMap CR creation in the tenant cluster will trigger the creation of a ConfigMap resource in the tenant namespace in the infrastructure cluster.

This CRD is handled by universe-k8s-tenant-resource-plugin



apiVersion: resource.universe.nvidia.com/v1alpha1 kind: UVSConfigMap metadata: name: game-demo namespace: universe spec: object: apiVersion: v1 kind: ConfigMap metadata: name: game-demo data: # property-like keys; each key maps to a simple value player_initial_lives: "3" ui_properties_file_name: "user-interface.properties" # file-like keys game.properties: | enemy.types=aliens,monsters player.maximum-lives=5 user-interface.properties: | color.good=purple color.bad=yellow allow.textmode=true

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