UVSSecret CRD in the tenant cluster represents Kubernetes Secret resource in the infrastructure cluster.

UVSSecret CR creation in the tenant cluster will trigger the creation of a Secret resource in the tenant namespace in the infrastructure cluster.

This CRD is handled by universe-k8s-tenant-resource-plugin



apiVersion: resource.universe.nvidia.com/v1alpha1 kind: UVSSecret metadata: name: test-secret1 namespace: universe spec: object: apiVersion: v1 kind: Secret data: username: YWRtaW4= password: MWYyZDFlMmU2N2Rm metadata: name: test-secret1

universe-k8s-tenant-resource-plugin will automatically apply base64 encoding to a content of spec.object.stringData field and store result in spec.object.data field. This behaviour is exactly match how Kubernetes handles content of a stringData field of a Secret object. Check Kubernetes DOCs for details.

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