Tool-Less Rail Kit

QM9700/QM9790 1U NDR 400Gb/s InfiniBand Switch Systems User Manual

Kit Part Number

Legacy Kit Part Number

Rack Size and Rack Depth Range



600-800 mm


Prior to the installation procedure, inspect all rail-kit components and make sure none of them is missing or damaged. If anything is missing or damaged, contact your NVIDIA representative at

The following parts are included in the tool-less rail kit (see figure below):

  • 2x System Rails (A)

  • 2x Rack Rails (B)

Rail Kit Parts






Before mounting the system to the rack, select the way you wish to place the system. Pay attention to the airflow within the rack cooling, connector and cabling options.

While planning how to place the system, review the two installation options shown in the table below, and consider the following points:

  • Make sure the system air flow is compatible with your installation selection. It is important to keep the airflow within the rack in the same direction.

  • Note that the part of the system to which you choose to attach the rails (the front panel direction, as demonstrated in Option 1 or the FRUs direction, as demonstrated in Option 2) will determine the system’s adjustable side. The system’s part to which the brackets are attached will be adjacent to the cabinet.

  • The FRUs, as well as high-speed and MNG cables, must be extracted for replacement as part of the switch service. Consider this when planning the switch installation.

Switch Rails Installation - Top View

Front Side (Ports)

Rear Side (FRUs)




The following steps include illustrations that show front side (ports) installation, yet all instructions apply to all installation options.

  1. Attach the left and right system rails (A) to the switch.

    Attaching the System Rails (A) to the Switch


  2. Secure the assembly by gently pushing the system chassis’ pins through the slider key holes, until locking occurs

    Securing the System in the Switch Rails (A)


    Chassis' Pins in the Rails' Slots Locking them in a Fixed Position


  3. Mount both of the rack rails (B) into the rack by angularly inserting the brakes located at the rails edges into the designated slots in the rack unit, as shown in the following figure:

    Inserting the Rack Rails (B)


  4. Align both rack rails (B) to sit horizontally in parallel to the rack assembly. By straightening the rails' angular position, their breaks will be caught and locked in the rack's slots.

    Aligning the Rack Rails (B) Angular Position


    The Breaks are Caught and Locked in the Rack's Slots


    Rack Rails Fully Inserted and Locked in the Rack Assembly


  5. Pull the rack rails' telescopic extensions all the way to the rack's opposite side, and insert the latches at the rails' free edges to the rack's slots. A click should be heard as the spring latches are fully inserted and locking occurs.

    Pulling the Rails Telescopic Extensions


    Inserting the Spring Latches to the Rack's Slots


    To mount the system into the rack:


    At least two people are required to safely mount the system in the rack.

    While your installation partner is supporting the system’s weight, perform the following steps:

  6. Slide the rails installed on the system into the channels in the rack rails. Push them forward until the locking mechanism is activated on both sides, and a click is heard.

  7. Tighten the captive screws on both sides to further secure the system to the rack's posts.

    Sliding the System's Rails (A) into the Rack Rails (B)

    Sliding the System Rails (A) into the Rack Rails (B)


    Tightening the Captive Screws


To remove the system from the rack:

  1. Turn off the system and disconnect it from peripherals and from the electrical outlet.
    While your installation partner is supporting the system’s weight:

  2. Loosen the captive screws attaching the system's rails to the rack's posts.

  3. Use two hands to pull the system out until the rails are stopped.

    Pulling the System Out


  4. Press the spring latches on both sides of the rack, and continue to pull the system out until the rack rails are clear of the system's rails.

    Pressing the Spring Latches on Both Sides


  5. Remove the rails from the system. Release the metal latches and pull out the rails, so the system's pins will be removed out of the oval slots.

    Removing the Rails from the System


  6. Remove the rails from the rack by pressing the lock button, and pull the rails outside of the rack assembly.

    Pressing the Lock Button to Remove the Rails from the Rack


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