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November 27, 20222.4Added the SN3750-SX system to the manual. 
July 24, 20222.3Updated OPNs in:

Updated Interface Specifications

February 3, 20222.2


October 19, 20212.1


March 1, 20212.0


November 29, 20201.9Updated the High Power/LR4 Transceivers Support of SN3700C in Interfaces.
August 9, 20201.8Updated SN3700 Specifications.
July 6, 20201.7Added Model SN3420.
March 12, 20201.6Updated rail kit figures on SN3800 Fixed Rail Kit.
March 4, 20201.5Updated Cable Installation chapter - Added a link to the Mellanox Cable Management Guidelines and FAQ.
January 19, 20201.4


January 15, 20201.3Updated Cable Installation chapter, section SN3700/C Splitting Options.
December 18, 20191.2

Added notes to the "FRU Replacements" and "LED Notifications" chapters.

Added DC Disconnect Requirement to the "Installation" chapter.

October 29, 20191.1Updated rail kit figures on "SN3800 Fixed Rail Kit".
October 01, 20191.0First release