Installation and initialization of the system require attention to the normal mechanical, power, and thermal precautions for rack-mounted equipment.


The rack mounting holes conform to the EIA-310 standard for 19-inch racks. Take precautions to guarantee proper ventilation in order to maintain good airflow at ambient temperature.


Unless otherwise specified, NVIDIA products are designed to work in an environmentally controlled data center with low levels of gaseous and dust (particulate) contamination.

The operation environment should meet severity level G1 as per ISA 71.04 for gaseous contamination and ISO 14644-1 class 8 for cleanliness level.

The installation procedure for the system involves the following phases:





Follow the safety warnings

Safety Warnings


Install a 100A DC disconnect switch

100A DC Disconnect Switch Requirement


Pay attention to the air flow consideration within the system and rack

Air Flow


Make sure that none of the package contents is missing or damaged

Package Contents


Mount the system into a rack enclosure

19" System Mounting Options


Power on the system

.Initial Power On v2.1


Perform system bring-up

System Bring-Up


[Optional] FRU replacements

FRU Replacements

Prior to the installation, please review the Safety Warnings. Note that some warnings may not apply to all models.

Before installing the switch system, make sure a DC disconnect switch is available and can be connected to the switch externally via an over-current DC circuit breaker of up to 100A.

The optimal operating voltage range of the switch system is between 48VDC to 60VDC.


The DC disconnect switch must be provided by the customer.

NVIDIA systems are offered with two air flow patterns:


the images are provided for illustration purposes only. The design may slightly vary in different systems

  • Power (rear) side inlet to connector side outlet - marked with blue power supplies/fans FRUs’ handles.


  • Connector (front) side inlet to power side outlet - marked with red power supplies/fans FRUs’ handles.



All servers and systems in the same rack should be planned with the same airflow direction.

All FRU components need to have the same air flow direction. A mismatch in the air flow will affect the heat dissipation.

The table below provides an air flow color legend and respective OPN designation.


Description and OPN Designation


Connector side inlet to power side outlet. Red latches are placed on the power inlet side.

OPN designation is “-R”.


Power side inlet to connector side outlet. Blue latches are placed on the power inlet side.

OPN designation is “-F”.

Before installing your new system, unpack it and check against the parts list below that all the parts have been sent. Check the parts for visible damage that may have occurred during shipping.

The package content is as follows:

  • 1 – System

  • 1 – Rail kit

  • 1 – Power cable for each power supply unit – Type C13-C14

  • 1 – Harness: HAR000028 – Harness RS232 2M cable – DB9 to RJ-45

  • 1 – Cable retainer for each power supply unit


If anything is damaged or missing, contact your sales representative at

By default, the systems are sold with fixed rail-kits. Telescopic Rail-kits are available for some systems, and should be purchased separately. For installation instructions, refer to the relevant links in the following table:

System Model

Fixed Rail-kit (Default)

Telescopic Rail-kit


SN3420 Fixed Rail Kit



SN3700/SN3700C Fixed Rail Kit

SN3700/SN3700C Telescopic Rail Kit


SN3750-SX Tool-less Rail Kit


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