Changes and New Features

NVIDIA UFM-SDN Appliance User Manual v4.10.1

This section lists the new and changed features in this software version.


For an archive of changes and features from previous releases, please refer to Changes and New Features History.


The items listed in the table below apply to all UFM license types.



UFM Discovery and Device Management

  • InBand autosicovery of switchs' IP addresses using ibdiagnet

  • Discovering the device's PSID and FW version using ibdiagnet by default instead of using an SM vendor plugin

CPU Affinity

Enabling the user to control CPU affinity of UFM's major processes


Added support for streaming UFM REST API data over gRPC as part of new UFM plugin. Refer to GRPC-Streamer Plugin.


  • Added support for flexible counters infrastructure (ability to change counter sets that are sampled by the UFM)

  • Updated the set of available counters for Telemetry (removed General counters from default view: Row BER, Effective BER and Device Temperature.
    Now available through the secondary telemetry instance). Refer to Secondary Telemetry

EFS UFM Plugin

Added support for streaming UFM events data to FluentD destination as part of a new UFM plugin. Refer to UFM Telemetry Fluent Streaming (TFS) Plugin

General UI Enhancements

• Displayed columns of all tables are persistent per user, with the option to restore defaults. Refer to Displayed Columns
• Improved look and feel in Network Map. Refer to Network Map
• Added Reveal Uptime to the general tab in the devices information tabs. Refer to Device General Tab


Added support for PKey filtering for default session data. Refer to Get Default Monitoring Session Data by PKey Filtering.

Added support for filtering session data by groups. Refer to Monitoring Sessions REST API.

Added support for resting all unhealthy ports at once. Refer to Mark All Unhealthy Ports as Healthy at Once

Added support for presenting system uptime in UFM REST API. Refer to Systems REST API.

Deployment Installation

UFM installation is now based on Conda-4.12 (or newer) for Python v3.9 environment and third party packages deployments


Upgraded the MLNX_OFED version to v5.7-

Diagnostics Utilities

Added CLI commands for new diagnostic utilities


Updated NVIDIA SHARP software version to v3.1.1.

UFM Logical Elements

UFM Logical Elements (Environments, Logical Servers, Networks) views are deprecated and will no longer be available starting from UFM v4.11.0 (January 2023 release)

The following are the unsupported functionality/features in UFM®-SDN Appliance:

  • UFM Appliance Gen1

  • NVIDIA Care (MCare) Integration

  • UFM on VM (UFM with remote fabric collector)


In order to continue working with /etc/init.d/ufmha options, use the same options using the /etc/init.d/ufmd script.

For example:

Instead of using /etc/init.d/ufmha model_restart, please use /etc/init.d/ufmd model_restart (on the primary UFM server)

Instead of using /etc/init.d/ufmha sharp_restart, please use /etc/init.d/ufmd sharp_restart (on the primary UFM server)
The same goes for any other option that was supported on the /etc/init.d/ufmha script

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