Changes and New Features

NVIDIA UFM-SDN Appliance User Manual v4.11.1

This section lists the new and changed features in this software version.


For an archive of changes and features from previous releases, please refer to Changes and New Features History.


The items listed in the table below apply to all UFM license types.



Managed Switches - Sysinfo Mechanism

Added the ability to save switches inventory data into JSON format files and present the latest fetched switches data upon UFM start-up. The saved switches data is available UFM upon system dump. Refer to Appendix - Managed Switches Configuration Info Persistency

REST over RDMA Plugin

Introduced security improvements (allowed read-only options in remote ibdiagnet) and added support for Telemetry API. Refer to rest-rdma Plugin

Events and Notifications

Added support for indicating potential switch ASIC failure by detecting a defined percentage of unhealthy switch ports. Refer to Additional Configuration (Optional)

SHARP AM Multi-Port

Added support for detecting IB fabric interface failure and automatic failover to an alternative active port in SHARP Aggregation Manager (AM). Refer to Multi-port SM

UFM System Dump

Added support for downloading the generated UFM system dump. Refer to UFM Snapshot Tab


Added support for adding or removing hosts to Partition key (PKey) assignments (when adding/removing hosts, all the related host GUIDs are assigned to/removed from the PKey). Refer to Add Host REST API

UFM System Dump Improvements including Creating New System Dump API

Managed Switch Operations

Added support for persistent enablement/disablement of managed switches ports. Refer to Ports Window


Created a script to get TopX data by category. Refer to UFM Aggregation TopX file

Proxy Authentication

Added option to delegate authentication to a proxy. Refer to Delegate Authentication to a Proxy

UFM Initial Settings

Removed the requirement to set the IPoIB address to the main IB interface used by UFM/SM (gv.cfg → fabric_interface)


Upgraded the MLNX_OFED version to v 5.8-1.0.1

The following are the unsupported functionality/features in UFM®-SDN Appliance:

  • UFM Appliance Gen1

  • NVIDIA Care (MCare) Integration

  • UFM on VM (UFM with remote fabric collector)

  • The UFM Multi-site portal feature will be deprecated in the upcoming SW release targeted to April 2023

  • Logical Elements tab - Removed as of UFM Enterprise v4.11.0

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