UFM Telemetry Fluent Streaming (TFS) Plugin

NVIDIA UFM-SDN Appliance User Manual v4.11.1

TFS plugin is a self-contained Docker container with REST API support managed by UFM. TFS plugin provides Telemetry counters streaming to FluentD capability. As a fabric manager, the UFM Telemetry holds a real-time network telemetry information of the network topology. This information changes over time and is reflected to the telemetry console. In order to do so, we present a stream of the UFM Telemetry data to the FluentD plugin.

The following are the possible ways TFS plugin can be deployed:

  1. On UFM Appliance

  2. On UFM Software

For complete instructions on how to deploy the TFS plugin, refer to UFM Telemetry endpoint stream To Fluentd endpoint (TFS).

The following authentication types are supported:

  • basic (/ufmRest)

  • client (/ufmRestV2)

  • token (/ufmRestV3)

The following REST APIs are supported:

  • POST /plugin/tfs/conf

  • GET /plugin/tfs/conf

For detailed information on how to interact with NDT plugin, refer to the NVIDIA UFM Enterprise > Rest API > TFS Plugin REST API.

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