Requirements and Installation

This page describes the requirements and installation steps for the TLT CV Inference Pipeline.

The TLT CV Inference Pipeline has the following hardware requirements:


  • 12 GB of HDD/SSD space

  • 720p Webcam

  • 32 GB system RAM

  • 32 GB of GPU RAM

  • 8 core CPU


  • 16 GB of SSD space

  • Webcam

    • Logitech C920 Pro HD

    • Logitech C922

    • Logitech C310

The TLT CV Inference Pipeline has the following software requirements:


Jetpack 4.5 comes preinstalled with docker and NVIDIA Docker runtime, but will still need the Docker Post-Installation Steps for Linux.

Perform the following prerequisite steps before installing the TLT CV Inference Pipeline:

  1. Install Docker.

  2. Install NVIDIA GPU driver.

  3. Install nvidia docker

  4. Get an NGC account and API key. For step-by-step instructions, see the NGC Getting Started Guide.

  5. Download the NVIDIA GPU Cloud CLI Tool.

  6. Execute docker login from the command line and enter these login credentials:

    1. Username: “$oauthtoken”

    2. Password: “YOUR_NGC_API_KEY”

  7. For Jetson devices, manually increase the Jetson Power mode and maximize performance further by using the Jetson Clocks mode. The following commands perform this:


    sudo nvpmodel -m 0 sudo /usr/bin/jetson_clocks

The TLT CV Inference Pipeline containers and TLT models are available to download from the NGC. You must have an NGC account and an API key associated with your account. See the Installation Prerequisites section for details on creating an NGC account and obtaining an API key.

Configure the NGC API key

Using the NGC API Key obtained in Installation Prerequisites, configure the enclosed ngc cli by executing this command and following the prompts:


ngc config set

Download the TLT CV Inference Pipeline Quick Start

Now, we can download the TLT CV Inference Pipeline Quick Start using the following command:


ngc registry resource download-version "nvidia/tlt_cv_inference_pipeline_quick_start:v0.2-ga"

This will download the Quick Start Scripts, documentation for API Usage, EULA, and Third Party Licenses.

To get started, proceed to the TLT CV Inference Pipeline Quick Start Scripts.

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