Aerial SDK Platform

Aerial SDK 23-1

Aerial SDK is a software-defined workload hosted on NVIDIA-certified EGX servers and a stack that uses the CUDA OS platform and GPU/NIC/CPU firmware and toolkits. This section highlights the Aerial SDK workload configuration interdependencies as part of the NV platform stack.

  • A100x card qualification complete (x86 host mode)

  • A100x with Dell R750 supports 7 peak and 12 average cells

  • A100 with Aerial Devkit supports up to 4 carriers

  • Multi-GPU platform support (Dell R750)

Feature Configuration Supported
Platform for Discrete GPU, NIC
  • Servers x2 Model Gigabyte E251-U70
  • CPU Intel Xeon Gold 6240R, 2.4GHz, 24C48T
  • Memory 96GB DDR4
  • Storage 480GB LiteOn SSD x1
  • GPU GA100 x2
  • NIC x2 MLX CX6-DX (MCX623106AE-CDAT)
Platform for Converged Accelerator Dell R750
  • Server Skew 10-AYCG
  • Intel Xeon Gold 6336Y 2.4G, 24C/48T
  • PCIe Gen4
  • Memory 512GB DDR4
  • Storage 2TB
  • GPU+NIC BF2A100x
  • NIC CX6-DX
Feature Supported
Maintain integration, qualification of discreet GPU A100 Y
Support Aerial SDK offload Y
Preserve existing interfaces / API / shared memory buffers integrated with ISVs Y
L2+ integrated with x86 host Y
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