Install NVIDIA Network Operator (Optional)

OpenShift on Bare Metal Deployment Guide (0.1.0)

NVIDIA AI Enterprise 2.0 or later

Next, we will install the NVIDIA Network Operator. This only applicable if you worker nodes have NVIDIA Networking. The Network Operator’s goal is to install the host networking components required to enable RDMA and GPUDirect in a Kubernetes cluster. It does so by configuring a high-speed data path for IO intensive workloads on a secondary network in each cluster node.

  1. Select Operators > Operator Hub, and search for the NVIDIA Network Operator.

  2. Select the NVIDIA Network Operator, and click Install in the first screen and in the subsequent one.


    For additional information, see the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Documentation.

  3. To verify that the operator deployment is successful, run:


    $ oc get pods

    Example Output:


    NAME                                      READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE nvidia-network-operator-controller-manager-8f8ccf45c-zgfsq    2/2     Running   0          1

  4. A successful deployment shows a Running status.

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