NVIDIA AI Enterprise 2.0 or later

NVIDIA AI Enterprise with Red Hat OpenShift has the following sets of prerequisites:

  • At least three NVIDIA AI Enterprise Compatible servers that are NVIDIA-Certified System.


    Single Node OpenShift Cluster do not have HA. Leverage the Installing OpenShift on a single node guide for more details

  • At least one of NVIDIA AI Enterprise Compatible servers must have a NVIDIA AI Enterprise supported NVIDIA GPU.

  • Recommended A100 for training and A30 for inference.

    • Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) Enabled (Optional)

    • VT-d/IOMMU Enabled (Optional)

  • The GPU accelerated server(s) must have NVIDIA AI Enterprise Software installed.

Once the three NVIDIA AI Enterprise Compatible servers have met the above NVIDIA AI Enterprise hardware and software requirements, you must choose a method to install OpenShift Container Platform for bare metal. For the authoring of this document, the Installer-provisioned infrastructure (IPI), was chosen since it is pre-configured and automates the provisioning of resources which are required by OpenShift Container Platform.

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