If you are new to virtualization, it is recommended to review VMware’s ESXi Getting Started , which includes courses and guidance on potentially any current configuration that you may already have.

  • At least one NVIDIA data center GPU in a single NVIDIA AI Enterprise Compatible NVIDIA-Certified System. Recommended A100 for training and A30 for inference.

    • If using NVIDIA A100, the following BIOS settings are required:

      • Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) - Enabled

      • VT-d/IOMMU - Enabled

  • NVIDIA AI Enterprise License

  • VMware ESXi 7 Update 3 Hypervisor ISO

  • Ubuntu Server 20.04 amd64 ISO

  • NVIDIA AI Enterprise Software:

    • NVIDIA AI Enterprise Host Software (VIB)

    • NVIDIA Guest Driver


The NVIDIA AI Enterprise Host Software (VIB) is loaded like a driver in the vSphere hypervisor and is then managed by the vCenter Server.

You may leverage the NVIDIA System Management interface (NV-SMI) management and monitoring tool for testing and benchmarking.

The following server configuration details are considered best practices:

  • Hyperthreading - Enabled

  • Power Setting or System Profile - High Performance

  • CPU Performance (if applicable) - Enterprise or High Throughput

  • Memory Mapped I/O above 4-GB - Enabled (if applicable)


If NVIDIA card detection does not include all the installed GPUs, set this option to Enabled.

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