NVIDIA AI Workbench Data Privacy and Data Collection

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The NVIDIA Corporation does not collect any personal data through the NVIDIA AI Workbench application.

  • The AI Workbench application requires no authentication to install or use, and is freely available for download.

    • You don’t need to log in to an NVIDIA site or have an account to download it.

    • There is no user authentication in the application itself.

  • There are no “phone home” abilities or telemetry, but your Local AI Workbench does subscribe anonymously to update alerts for the application and default base images.

    • The update subscription is mandatory and is part of our Shared Security Model. You will be notified, but it is up to you to make the updates.

    • The subscription for base image alerts is only for base images that you have in an actual Project. You will be notified if there is a change upstream to the base image, but it is up to you to make the updates.

  • Default base images for Project creation are public on NGC and don’t require an API key or authentication. However, you will need an API key to work with private registries or APIs.

  • Connecting GitHub and GitLab Integrations will give AI Workbench access to your platform platform profile and the ability to make changes to repositories.

    • This access is limited to your Local AI Workbench and connected Remote AI Workbench Locations. It is temporary and can be revoked either in AI Workbench or in the platform.

    • It does not give the NVIDIA Corporation any access to your platform profile or access to your repositories.

  • There are two methods of granting the AI Workbench application access to your platform account.

    • An OAuth integration that authenticates your Local AI Workbench directly to your platform account and allows it to make read/write changes to repositories.

    • A personal access token (PAT) from the platform that you add to your Local AI Workbench that allows it to make read/write changes to repositories.

  • The OAuth integration requires you to login to the platform and explicitly authorize your Local AI Workbench to access your platform account.

    • GitHub

      • Read org and team membership, read org projects

      • Download packages from github package registry

      • Full control over private repositories

      • Update all user data

    • GitLab

      • Access to the authenticated users’ API with complete read/write access to the API, including all groups and projects, the container registry, the dependency proxy, and the package registry.

  • Using the OAuth integration will add to the aggregate count of the accounts allowing the integration. This is visible to the NVIDIA Corporation and happens directly through the platform itself.

    • No identifying information about your acount is given to NVIDIA.

    • NVIDIA has no way of associating your platform account with your AI Workbench application.

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