NVIDIA Clara Train 4.1


Clara Train SDK v4.1 is a domain optimized developer application framework based on MONAI, the Medical Open Network for AI to help accelerate deep learning training and inference for medical imaging use cases. APIs are included for AI-Assisted Annotation, making any medical viewer AI capable, and the training framework with pre-trained models enables AI development with techniques such as Transfer Learning, Federated Learning, and AutoML.

Clara Train is built on top of the open-source framework MONAI, with MMARs for organization of model artifacts and with Bring your own components (BYOC) allowing for components from MONAI to be directly usable in Clara Train v4.1 MMARs.

If you are writing a paper and would like to reference Clara Train, the following example could be a way to do so:


NVIDIA Clara Imaging. https://developer.nvidia.com/clara-medical-imaging (2022).

User Guide

What’s new

The Clara Train 4.1 release is based on NVIDIA’s container for PyTorch release 21.10 with support for NVIDIA Ampere GPUs. Here is a list of changes and additions in this version:


Links to some key features in Clara Train:

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