Frequently asked questions


Why isn't my license working?

  • You might need to move the license to the correct location. It should be placed in /opt/parabricks/license.bin.

  • Your license might have expired. If you need more time to evaluate the software, reach out to us on the Developer Forums.

  • Your server might be behind a firewall that blocks it from connecting to the licensing server. If this is the case, then the Parabricks software installed on your server cannot validate the license. This can be resolved by adding to your whitelist. If you have difficulties doing this, reach out to us on the Developer Forums.

  • Your license file might have been saved with the wrong filetype. It should have a .bin file extension.

How do I ensure that my Parabricks analysis won't terminate if I lose my SSH connection?

A simple option is to preface your command with nohup:


nohup pbrun <Your Command> &

This will run your command in the background in a way that ignores all "hangup" signals (i.e. loss of SSH connection) and saves all output to a file called nohup.out.

Another option is to use a program that supports persistent sessions such as screen or tmux

Parabricks does not run when a system is initialized when using Singularity containerization

Singularity does not load all nvidia modules. Do this in case you see an initialization error:


nvidia-modprobe -u -c=0

  • We're here to help! Please reach out to us on our Developer Forums if you are having trouble using or evaluating the software. We want to make the licensing process simple and easy for you.


Answers to most FAQs can be found on the Developer Forum. If additional support is needed, you can email us following the below instructions:

  1. Customers with paid Parabricks licenses have direct access to support and can contact

  2. Users of free evaluation licenses can contact for troubleshooting any questions regarding these eval licenses

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