--num-gpus NUM_GPUS

Number of GPUs to use for a run. GPUs 0..(NUM_GPUS-1) will be used. If you are using flexera, please include –gpu-devices too.

--gpu-devices GPU_DEVICES

Which GPU devices to use for a run. By default, all GPU devices will be used. To use specific GPU devices enter a comma-separated list of GPU device numbers. Possible device numbers can be found by examining the output of the nvidia-smi command. For example, using –gpu-devices 0,1 would only use the first two GPUs.

--tmp-dir TMP_DIR

Full path to the directory where temporary files will be stored.


Do not override seccomp options for docker

--with-petagene-dir WITH_PETAGENE_DIR

Full path to the PetaGene installation directory where bin/ and species/ folders are located.


Do not delete the directory storing temporary files after completion.

--license-file LICENSE_FILE

Path to license file license.bin if not in installation directory.


View compatible software versions.

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