System Guides

AR SDK System Guide
The AR SDK System Guide provides the requirements for the hardware, the software, and the sample application, how to install the SDK, and how to build and run the sample applications.
Video Effects SDK System Guide
The Video Effects SDK System Guide provides information about getting started with the SDK, running and building sample applications, and reference information about the available sample applications.

Programming Guides

AR SDK Programming Guide
The AR SDK programming guide provides information about how to use the AR SDK in your applications and provides a list of the API references.
Audio Effects SDK Programming Guide
The Audio Effects SDK Programming Guide provides audio effects for broadcast use cases with real-time audio processing.
Video Effects SDK Programming Guide
The Video Effects Programming Guide provides information about the API architecture, the available effects, the available images, and API references.

API Guide

NvCVImage API Guide
This guide provides information about the NvCVImage APIs in the AR and Video Effects SDKs.

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