Making Your First Mod

Creating Mod Content

Now that you’ve got the VR Funhouse Editor and you’ve finished first-time setup you’re ready to actually create your first mod. This mod will be Replacing a Single Level.

  1. Find the content you want to mod - In our case we used the the persistent level, Stream_Intro_Base2.

  2. Save a copy to the Mods folder

    1. Open the file you want to mod and select File - Save As (or Press Ctrl+Shift+S)
    2. Make sure to save your new copy to the Mods folder you created.
    3. Make sure to use the same name as the content you’re copying.
    4. Note, you may also drag the asset/level to the Mods folder in the Content Browser, then select “Copy Here”.
  3. Edit the content

    1. Make sure the content you’ve got open is the copy you made in the Mods folder and not the original file you copied.
    2. For this mod I made a really simple edit. I just found the dynamic lights being used in the level and added some mood lighting by shifting them all to a nice, cool blue.

Once you’re finished making modifications, make sure you save your work.

NOTE: Again, make sure the work you’re saving is on the copy you made in the “Mods” folder and not in its original directory.