Release Notes

VR Funhouse Mod Kit

Known Limitations

  • Framerate below 90 fps can cause percieved visual artifacts
  • HairWorks and MultiRes are not compatible in the same game. So adding HairWorks to a level require quality settings MRS=0.
  • Flex particles do not recycle.
  • For the best performance, avoid using more than one Flex container at a time.
NOTE: If you have made changes to assets or levels from a Mod Kit, check that they were not modified in an update.

1.2 (Oculus Touch) Changes

  • Oculus Touch support
    • Avoid plugin-specific nodes from SteamVR or Oculus
    • Changes to control mappings to align Vive and Oculus
    • The world orientation will now correctly align with your SteamVR room setup and Oculus default view
  • Teleportation
    • Added teleportation to the game to accommodate standing players, see VR_Pawn_Base for examples if you need to get the HMD pose
  • Audio
    • Each level was modified to use “spawn sound” rather than “play sound” to make them easier to clean up
  • New levels
    • Wallwalker and Basketball were added, changing UserVR_Base2
  • Cleanup
    • Some of the tables were shifted so the player can stay in one place (for the most part)

1.1.1 (Audio Listener) Changes

  • The Audio Listener Override node is needed so the audio listener tracks with the HMD. These files were modified:

** VR_Multimode_Drag-n-Drop_Base ** VR_Pawn_Base