Scale Data Science with Domino Data Lab
Scale Data Science with Domino Data Lab (Latest Version)

Step #1: Create RAPIDS Environment and Project

The RAPIDS project consists of an NVIDIA rapids container with existing notebooks and scripts as well as the following NVIDIA libraries:

  • cuML

  • cuGraph

  • CLS

  • CuSpatial

  • cuxfilter

  • CGBoost Notebooks

  1. The first step is to create a new environment. Click Environments from the left hand menu.


  2. Click Create Environment.


  3. Enter RAPIDS as the environment name.

  4. Select Start from a Custom Base Image and enter


  5. Set the following

    • Supported Clusters - NONE

    • Visibility - Private


  6. Click Customize before building.

  7. Paste the following into the Pluggable Workspace Tools section:

    .. code-block:: none :linenos: jupyterlab: title: "JupyterLab" iconUrl: "/assets/images/workspace-logos/jupyterlab.svg" start: [ /var/opt/workspaces/Jupyterlab/ ] httpProxy: internalPath: "/{{ownerUsername}}/{{projectName}}/{{sessionPathComponent}}/{{runId}}/{{#if pathToOpen}}tree/{{pathToOpen}}{{/if}}" port: 8888 rewrite: false requireSubdomain: false


  8. Click Build at the bottom of the page.

  9. After the build completes, click Projects from the main menu.


  10. Click New Project, give it a name, then click Create.



  11. You should now see a new project created in the projects section


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