Welcome to the trial of Domino Data Labs Enterprise MLOps Platform on NVIDIA LaunchPad. In this lab you will walk through the steps to setup and use the Domino Data Lab Enterprise MLOps Platform. Domino’s secure, scalable Enterprise MLOps Platform gives data science teams a system of record to increase productivity through compounding knowledge and making work reproducible and reusable. An integrated model factory lets you develop, deploy, and monitor models in one place using your preferred tools and languages, and a self-service infrastructure portal provides one-click, governed access to the data, tools, and compute you need.

Domino, in close collaboration with NVIDIA®, supports open, collaborative, reproducible model development, training, and management free of DevOps constraints - powered by efficient, end-to-end compute. Domino’s validation for NVIDIA AI Enterprise pairs the Enterprise MLOps benefits of workload orchestration, self-serve infrastructure, and collaboration with cost-effective scale from virtualization on mainstream accelerated servers.

The NVIDIA AI Enterprise suite includes the applications, frameworks, and tools that AI researchers, data scientists, and developers use for creating their AI and Machine Learning applications.

Domino captures all data science work in a central repository, so your team can easily find, reproduce and reuse work. Gone are the days of data scientists starting projects from scratch only to find out another team member is working on the same problem. Instead, knowledge is compounded with reusable code, artifacts and learnings from previous experiments, integrated project management capabilities, and the ability to replicate development environments.

Domino supports the end-to-end data science lifecycle from ideation to production: explore data, train machine learning models, validate, deploy, and monitor. Then rinse and repeat – all in one place. Enable repeatable processes and workflows that get models into production faster, enable automated monitoring, retrain and republish models more often, and much more – all designed to reduce friction and increase model velocity on your way to becoming a model-driven business.

Domino automates the time-consuming DevOps tasks required for data science work at scale. With only a few clicks you can spin up a development sandbox pre-loaded with your preferred tools, languages, and compute, including popular distributed compute frameworks. Jump between environments, bring in more data, compare experiments, deploy and iterate on models, and just be more productive with a platform optimized for code-first data science teams.

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