Step #2: Create a New Overlay Transport Zone in NSX

Experience VMware vSphere powered by NVIDIA BlueField DPU (Latest)
  1. Open NSX Manager using the link on the left-hand navigation pane


    Accessing the NSX Manager requires first re-authenticating with the credentials ending in


  2. Log in to NSX Manager using the link on the left-hand navigation pane using the information below.

    • Username: admin

    • Password: ${sso_password}

  3. On the top menu bar, navigate to System.


  4. On the left pane, click on Fabric to drop-down the sub menu, and click on Transport Zones.


  5. Click on Add Zone.


  6. The New Transport Zone dialog box will appear.

  7. Enter details as shown below.

    • Name: nsx-overlay-transportzone-100

    • Description: Optionally provide a meaningful description

    • Traffic Type: Ensure overlay is selected

    • Uplink Teaming Policy Names: <leave blank>


  8. Click Add after confirming the New Transport Zone settings.

  9. After the dialog box closes and you are returned to the Transport Zones overview page, notice the confirmation message that the zone has been created, along with seeing your new transport zone in the overview table.


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