Experience VMware vSphere powered by NVIDIA BlueField DPU
Experience VMware vSphere powered by NVIDIA BlueField DPU (Latest)

Step #3: Create a New Network Segment in NSX

  1. Navigate to Networking on the top menu bar


  2. On the left, click on Segments.


  3. Click on Add Segment.


  4. Fill in the fields in the table below to add a new segment:

    • Name: monterey-overlay-seg-100

    • Connected Gateway: Leave at none

    • Transport Zone: Ensure nsx-overlay-transportzone-100 is selected

    • Subnets:

      • Gateway CIDR v4: Configure -

      • Gateway CIDR v6: Optional - Leave blank


  5. Scroll down to click the Save button.

  6. After returning to the Segments overview page, you’ll be presented with an option to continue configuring this Segment, click No.


  7. Notice your new segment on the overview page. You may need to expand the Name column width to see the full name to confirm.


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