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Component/ ToolDescriptionOperating System

Rev. 4.22.0

 mlxfwreset Added to mlxfwreset the capability to support software reset for switches.
Note: There is no reset support over IB.
mlxlinkAdded support for error injection over PCI links.All
NNT driver

Created a new NNT (NVIDIA Networking Tools) driver for MFT and MSTFlint. The driver's source code is exposed in GitHub:


Added a setting that allows cable burning only via the primary ConnectX-7 adapter card in a setup with multiple ConnectX-7 cards. The error message "LinkX burn is not supported by secondary" will appear accordingly.

CablesAdded DDM information support for QSFP_CMIS cables.All 


Removed the "Link Down" field from the BER collect in mlxlink for EDR devices.All
mlxlinkAdded "show eye" information with the (--show_eye) command for the PCIe links in Gen-1 and Gen-2 PCIe setups.All
Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes.