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With respect to MFT, NVIDIA NIC devices are divided into two groups: Group I and Group II (4th generation and 5th generation, respectively). The ICs are listed in the following table:

IC GroupIC Device

Group II/5th Generation

  • Adapter Cards:
    • NVIDIA BlueField-2
    • NVIDIA BlueField
    • NVIDIA ConnectX-7
    • NVIDIA ConnectX-6 Lx
    • NVIDIA ConnectX-6 Dx
    • NVIDIA ConnectX-6
    • NVIDIA ConnectX-5
    • NVIDIA ConnectX-4 Lx
    • NVIDIA ConnectX-4
    • NVIDIA Connect-IB
  • Switch Systems:
    • NVIDIA Quantum-2
    • NVIDIA Quantum
    • NVIDIA Spectrum-3
    • NVIDIA Spectrum-2
    • NVIDIA Spectrum
    • NVIDIA Switch-IB 2
    • NVIDIA Switch-IB

Group I/4th Generation

  • Adapter Cards:
    • NVIDIA ConnectX-3
    • NVIDIA ConnectX-3 Pro
  • Switch Systems:
    • NVIDIA SwitchX-2