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VersionDateDescription of Change
2.3Feb. 2022Removed 10.31250 NRZ operating rate from the Rate Select table.
2.2Nov. 2021Reformatted and rebranded; migrated to HTML.


Jun. 2021

Updated the Key Features section.
Updated the OM3 and OM4 reach parameters in Optical Module Specifications table.
Updated the template.
Fixed broken links.


Feb. 2021

Updated Key Features section.
Removed 2.5G/SDR from Table: Rate Select Encodings.
Minor text edits.


Nov. 2020

Added: Control Signals description, optical connector interface information in Appendix A and added References section.
Updated DDM info under Diagnostics and Other Features and the Regulatory Compliance and Classification list.
Minor text edits.
Updated Label.


Nov. 28, 2019

Changed “Key Features” item on MPO-12 UPC to indicate male receptacle connector


Feb. 27, 2019

Key Features: Updated reach of OM3 and added OM4’s


Jan. 28, 2019

Key Features: Changed from IEEE 802.3bs/cd 200GAUI-4 to IEEE 802.3 200GAUI-4/200GBASE-SR4 compliant          

1.5 - 1.1

Dec. 6, 2018 -
May 23, 2018

See changes in Datasheet Rev 2.0.


May 21, 2018

Preliminary proposal.