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To upgrade NVIDIA Onyx on an MLAG-STP setup from 3.6.610x to this version, there are two possible procedures:

Procedure 1

  1. Make sure there are no loops in the fabric.

  2. Disable STP. Run: 

    switch (config) # no spanning-tree
  3. Perform the upgrade according to steps 1-10 in "Upgrading Operating System Software".

  4. Enable STP – this step may lead to traffic loss while the STP state is converging. Run: 

    switch (config) # spanning-tree

Procedure 2:

  1. Shutdown all ports on the MLAG slave.
  2. Save configuration. Run: 

    switch (config) # configuration write
  3. Upgrade MLAG slave according to steps 1-10 in "Upgrading Operating System Software".

  4. Upgrade MLAG master. Run: 

    switch (config) # reload force immediate
  5. Enable all ports on the MLAG slave.