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About this Manual

This manual describes the installation and basic use of NVIDIA Skyway™ InfiniBand-to-Ethernet gateway.

Ordering Part Numbers

The table below provides the ordering part number (OPN) for the available NVIDIA Skyway gateway. 

NVIDIA SKULegacy OPNMarketing Description
920-9B020-00FA-0D2 MGA100-HS2

NVIDIA Skyway InfiniBand to Ethernet Gateway Appliance, 8x IB and 8x Ethernet ports, 2U server, 8x ConnectX-6 VPI dual-port HDR/200GbE adapters, 2 power supplies (AC).

Intended Audience

This manual is intended for IT managers and system administrators.

Related Documentation

Document NameDescription
NVIDIA MLNX-GW User Manual for NVIDIA SkywayThis document contains information regarding the configuration and management of the NVIDIA Skyway (MLNX-GW) software.  

Revision History

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