NVIDIA Skyway InfiniBand-to-Ethernet Gateway User Manual


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About this Manual

This manual describes the installation and basic use of NVIDIA Skyway™ InfiniBand-to-Ethernet gateway.

Ordering Part Numbers

The table below provides the ordering part number (OPN) for the available NVIDIA Skyway gateway.


Legacy OPN

Marketing Description



NVIDIA Skyway InfiniBand to Ethernet Gateway Appliance, 8x IB and 8x Ethernet ports, 2U server, 8x ConnectX-6 VPI dual-port HDR/200GbE adapters, 2 power supplies (AC).

Intended Audience

This manual is intended for IT managers and system administrators.

Related Documentation

Document Name


NVIDIA MLNX-GW User Manual for NVIDIA Skyway

This document contains information regarding the configuration and management of the NVIDIA Skyway (MLNX-GW) software.

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