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This manual describes the installation and basic use of NVIDIA® UFM® Cyber-AI appliance.

Ordering Part Numbers

The table below provides the ordering part number (OPN) for the available UFM Cyber-AI appliance. 


Legacy OPN

Marketing Description

920-9B020-00FH-0D0 MUA9652H-2SF

NVIDIA® UFM® 4.0 appliance for UFM Cyber-AI, UFM Enterprise, UFM Telemetry, 2U server with 2 ConnectX®-6 HDR 200Gb/s InfiniBand adapters

Intended Audience

This manual is intended for IT managers and system administrators.

Technical Support

Customers who purchased NVIDIA products directly from NVIDIA are invited to contact us through the following methods:

Customers who purchased NVIDIA M-1 Global Support Services, please see your contract for details regarding Technical Support.

Customers who purchased NVIDIA products through an NVIDIA-approved reseller should first seek assistance through their reseller.

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