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The Fabric Validation tab displays the fabric validation tests and gives the ability to run the test and receive/view the summary as a job output. Summary of the job contains all errors and warnings that were found during the test execution.

Check Lids

Checks for bad lids. Possible lid errors are:

  • zero lid
  • lid duplication
Check LinksChecks for connectivity issues where all ports connected are not in the same state (active)
Check Subnet Manager

Checks for errors related to subnet manager. Possible SM errors are:

  • Failed to get SMInfo Mad
  • SM Not Found
  • SM Not Correct (master SM with wrong priority)
  • Many master SMs exists
Check Duplicate NodesChecks for duplications in nodes description
Check Duplicate GuidsChecks for GUIDs duplications
Check RoutingChecks for failures in getting routing MADs
Check Link Speed

Checks for errors related to link speed. Possible link speed errors are:

  • Different speed between ports
  • Wrong configuration – 'enable' not part of the 'supported'
  • Unexpected speed
Check Link Width

Checks for errors related to link width. Possible link width errors are:

  • Different width between ports
  • Wrong configuration – 'enable' not part of the 'supported'
  • Unexpected width
Check Partition Key

Checks for errors related to PKey. Possible PKey errors are:

  • Failed to get Pkey Tables
  • Mismatching pkeys between ports
Check TemperatureChecks for failure in getting temperature sensing.
Check Cables

Checks for errors related to cables. Possible cable errors are:

  • This device does not support cable info capability
  • Failed to get cable information (provides a reason)
Check Effective BERChecks that the Effective BER does not exceed the threshold
Dragonfly Topology ValidationValidate if the topology is Dragonfly
SHARP Fabric ValidationChecks for SHARP Configurations in the fabric
Tree Topology ValidationChecks if the fabric is a tree topology
Socket Direct Mode Reporting

Presents the inventory of fabric HCAs that are using socket direct

To run a specific test, click the play button. The job will be displayed once completed.

The job will also be displayed in the Jobs window.

Some validation tests contain data related to devices or ports like device GUID and port GUID.

Depending on that information a context menu for each related device/port can be shown.

If the data is related to a port the context menu will contain both port and device options.