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Provides a list of all ports in UFM. 

The table can be filtered by port state. The filter contains two options:

  • Active – only active ports
  • All – all ports

When right-clicking one of the available ports, the following actions appear:

All enable/disable actions on managed switches’ ports are persistent. Thus, if a managed switch port is disabled, the port remains disabled even when rebooting the switch.   

Clicking "Cable Information" opens up a window which provides data on operational, module, and troubleshooting information as shown in the following:

Physical Grade and Eye Opening Information 

Eye opening information contains the following data:

  • Physical Grade: [Grade0, Grade1, Grade2, Grade3] 
  • Height Eye Opening [mV]: [Height0, Height1, Height2, Height3] 
  • Phase Eye Opening [psec]: [Phase0, Phase1, Phase2, Phase3]

A new tab called Eye Information was added under cable information modal in ports table.

Auto-isolation of High-BER Ports

The High BER Ports tab lists all high-BER ports in the fabric.

The flags high_ber_ports_auto_isolation must be configured in the gv.cfg file to enable this feature.

For each port discovered as a high-BER port, a new event is triggered in the Events table.

Marking the high-BER port as unhealthy suppresses all events and notifications related to the auto-isolated port.