NVIDIA CS8500 800 Port HDR Switch System User Manual (EOL)


About this Manual

This manual provides an overview of the Mellanox CS8500 director switch system properties and operation guidelines.

Intended Audience

This manual is intended for Mellanox trained Field Application Engineers (FAE) and system administrators responsible for installing and setting up the chassis platform.
The document assumes familiarity with the InfiniBand® architecture specification.

Related Documentation

The documentation set accompanying the CS8500 Chassis InfiniBand Switch platform includes the following:

Document Name


CS8500 Hardware Installation User Manual

This document contains an overview of the NVIDIA CS8500 director switch system hardware installation process.

Datacenter Requirements

This document contains the data center prerequisites for installing the switch system and all its components.

Cooling Solution Maintenance User Manual

This manual provides an overview of the NVIDIA CS8500 director switch system cooling solutions maintenance procedure and guidelines.

MLNX-OS® User Manual

This document contains information regarding configuring and managing Mellanox switch platforms listing all of the commands available through MLNX-OS with explanations and examples.

The CS8500 is managed and operated through the WebUI software running on the tablet installed on the system chassis.

See the MLNX-OS User Manual for more information.

Product Release Notes

For possible hardware issues see the switch support product page in MyMellanox. This requires a customer support login. Look up the relevant Quantum™ based switch system/series release note file.

NVIDIA Quantum™ based Switch System/Series Release Notes are available in MyMellanox (login password required).

Terminology and Conventions



CS8500, chassis, switch, system

Interchangeable terms for the CS8500 switch platform


Water-Air Heat exchanger


Coolant Distribution Unit


Field Replaceable Unit






Mellanox Operating System


Power Distribution Unit


Power Supply Unit


Subnet Manager; part of MLNX-OS®

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