mstcongestion – Tool for Setting Congestion Mode and Action

NVIDIA Firmware Tools (MFT) Documentation v4.22.0

mstcongestion is a tool used to configure device’s behavior in case of excessive ingress traffic where the ingress traffic is higher than the PCIe capability. The excessive traffic can either be dropped (drop action) or marked as CE (Congestion Encountered) in the IP header.

The tool can work in either aggressive mode where traffic is dropped/marked in an aggressive way, or in dynamic mode where the drop/mark in more relaxed.


mstcongestion is not supported in ESXi 7.0.


mstcongestion is supported on ConnectX-4 Lx onwards Multi-Host devices only.

  • Firmware version ConnectX-4 Lx: 14.23.1020 or later

# mstcongestion [option] [-d|--device <PCI DEVICE>] [--mode <MODE>] [--action <ACTION>] [-q|--query] [-h|--help] [-v|--version]


-d|--device <PCI DEVICE>

NVIDIA PCI device address

--mode <MODE>

Set Mode, options are: [aggressive | dynamic]

--action <ACTION>

Set Action, options are: [disabled | drop | mark]

Note: The “mark” option is available only if the driver supports such capability.


Query congestion


Show help message and exit


Show version and exit

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