NVIDIA Skyway InfiniBand-to-Ethernet Gateway User Manual

As soon as the appliance is plugged in, make sure that the green power LEDs on the power supply units are on.



System Status LED is RED

Unplug the appliance and call your NVIDIA Networking representative.

Power Supply Unit Status LED is not lit or is RED

  1. Check that the power cable is plugged into a working outlet.

  2. Check that the power cable has a voltage within the range of 100–240 volts AC.

  3. Remove and reinstall the power cable.

  4. Remove and reinstall the PSU.

The Power Button w/Integrated LED for the appliance shuts off

  1. Check that there is adequate ventilation.

  2. Make sure that there is nothing blocking the front or rear of the chassis and that the fan modules and ventilation holes are not blocked (especially look for dust over the holes).

  3. If you find dust blocking the ventilation holes, it is recommended to clean the fan unit and remove the dust from the front and rear panels of the appliance using a vacuum cleaner.

The Activity LEDs do not come on

Check if the NVIDIA Skyway appliance has been started.

The appliance is off

  1. Press the Power Button w/Integrated LED

If that does not work, do the following:

  1. Unplug the appliance.

  2. Wait 5 minutes.

  3. Plug in the appliance, and press the Power Button w/Integrated LED.

  4. If the appliance does not come on, check the power supplies.

  5. If the appliance comes on, use the NVIDIA Skyway management software to determine the cause of the shutdown.

  6. Check the temperature.

  7. Check the fan status.

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