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July 20223.7 

Updated OPNs in:

Updated Interface Specifications

June 20223.6Updated:
January 27, 20223.5

Added the SNN2201 system. 


November 23, 20213.4Updated Global Power Consumption in Specifications.
June 10, 20213.3Updated Ordering Information.
November 29, 20203.2Updated Accessory and Replacement Parts.
May 26, 20203.1

Added MSN2010-CB2F3C to the SN2100 Ordering Part Numbers (OPNs) table under Ordering Information.

May 3, 20203.0


March 29, 20202.9

Updated Thermal Threshold Definitions.

December 20192.8


August 20192.7


March 20192.6


December 20182.5Migrated to online format; minor reorganization
October 20182.4Updated High Power/LR4 Transceivers Support in the Interfaces chapter.
August 20182.3Added Static Single Switch Rail Kit for SN2100/SN2010
July 20182.2Updated “Data Interfaces” and its sub-sections.
March 20182.1

Added SN2010
Updated “MLNX-OS” to “Onyx (MLNX-OS)” throughout the document

December 20172.0

Minor format updates
Updated "High Power/LR4 Transceivers Support”

October 20171.9

Added SN2740

  • “Installation Kit”
  • “System Installation and Initialization”
  • “SN2410 Splitting Options”
February 20171.8Updated "Unit Identification LED”
  • “Data Interfaces”
  • “Specifications”
  • “RJ45 to DB9 Harness Pinout”
November 20161.6Updated “Specifications”
September 20161.5Added “Noise Level” to “Specifications”
  • “Reset Button”
  • “Status and Port LEDs”
June 20161.4Updated:
  • “Introduction to Mellanox SN2000 Spectrum™ Ethernet Switch Systems”
  • “Ordering Information”
  • “Side by Side Mounting for SN2100/SN2010 Rail Kit”
May 20161.3Added SX1012 to the following sections:
  • “Introduction to Mellanox SN2000 Spectrum™ Ethernet Switch Systems”
  • “Installation”
  • “Interfaces”
  • “Specifications”
  • “Accessory and Replacement Parts”
March 20161.2Added "Taiwan BSMI Class A Statement in Safety Warnings"
  • “Introduction to Mellanox SN2000 Spectrum™ Ethernet Switch Systems”
  • “Software Management”
  • “Troubleshooting Instructions”
  • “Specifications”
  • “Accessory and Replacement Parts”
December 20151.1Added SN2410
August 20151.0First revision