Initial Power On

NVIDIA Spectrum SN2000 1U Switch Systems Hardware User Manual

Each system’s input voltage is specified in the Specifications chapter.

The power cords should be standard 3-wire AC power cords including a safety ground and rated for 15A or higher.


The system platform will automatically power on when AC power is applied. There is no power system. Check all boards, power supplies, and fan tray modules for proper insertion before plugging in a power cable.

  1. Plug in the first power cable.

  2. Plug in the second power cable.

  3. Wait for the System Status LED to turn green.


    It may take up to five minutes to turn on the system. If the System Status LED shows amber after five minutes, unplug the system and call your NVIDIA representative for assistance.

  4. Check the System Status LEDs and confirm that all of the LEDs show status lights consistent with normal operation (initially flashing, and then moving to a steady color) as shown in the figures below. For more information, refer to LED Notifications.

    System Status LEDs* 5 Minutes After Power On


    *The icons order and style may vary depending on the system.

    *The SN2100 and SN2010 systems have two PSU System Status LEDs each.

    *The Bad Port LED exists in SN2700 and SN2410 only.


After inserting a power cable and confirming the green System Status LED light is on, make sure that the Fan Status LED shows green. If the Fan Status LED is not green, unplug the power connection and check that the fan module is inserted properly and that the mating connector of the fan unit is free of any dirt and/or obstacles. If no obstacles were found and the problem persists, call your NVIDIA representative for assistance.

Two Power Inlets - Electric Caution Notifications:

  • Risk of electric shock and energy hazard. The two power supply units are independent. Disconnect all power supplies to ensure a powered down state inside of the switch platform.

  • ACHTUNG Gafahr des elektrischen Schocks. Entferrnen des Netzsteckers elnes Netzteils spannungsfrei. Um alle Einhieten spannungsfrei zu machen sind die Netzstecker aller Netzteile zu entfernen.

  • ATTENTION Risque de choc et de danger e’lectriques. Le de’branchment d’une seule alimentation stabilise’e ne de’branch uniquement qu’un module “Alimentation Stabilise’e”. Pour isoler completement le module en cause, Il faut de’brancher toutes les alimentations stabilise’es.

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