SN2100/SN2010 Static Single Switch Rail Kit

NVIDIA Spectrum SN2000 1U Switch Systems Hardware User Manual

The installation process is demonstrated on an SN2100 system, but applies to the SN2010 series as well.

This rail kit is not included with the SN2100/SN2010 systems, and can be purchased separately.

This section is relevant to short-depth systems that allow such form of installation only.

Kit Part Number

Kit Legacy Part Number

Rack Size and Rack Depth Range



Rack installation static kit for SN2100/SN2010 systems short depth 1U half-width switches, allows installation of a single switch into standard depth racks.

The following parts are included in the rail kit (see figure below):

  • 16 flat head 4-40 screws (A)

  • 8 M6 spring steel cage nuts (B)

  • 8 M6 pan head screws (C)

  • 8 M6 spring washers (D)

  • 8 M6 flat washers (E)

  • 2 rack mount blades (F)

  • 2 system brackets (G)

Rack Rail Kit Parts


To mount the system into the rack:


At least two people are required to safely mount the system in the rack.

  1. Attach the 2 system rails to the system’s sides using 8 flat head 4-40 screws (A) in each side.

    Attaching the Brackets to the System’s Sides


  2. Install 8 cage nuts of the relevant type - square or round holes, according to your rack type.

    Installing the Cage Nuts


    While your installation partner is supporting the system’s weight, perform steps 3 and 4:

  3. On the rear side of the cabinet, install the two blades (F) in the selected rack unit, using four M6 screws and washers (C+D+E). Do not tighten the screws yet.

    Attaching the Blades to the Rack


  4. Mount the system into the rack enclosure by sliding the rails in the rack. Secure the brackets to the rack’s posts by inserting four M6 screws and washers (C+D+E) in the designated cage nuts - 2 in each side. Tighten all screws.

    Attaching the Brackets to the Rack


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