Bug Fixes in This Release

NVIDIA UFM Enterprise User Manual v6.14.0

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Description: Fixed UFM not generating an event for a switch down being dropped by the fabric.

Keywords: Switch Down

Discovered in Release: 6.13.0


Description: Fixed ALM plugin log rotate function.

Keywords: ALM, Plugin, Log rotate

Discovered in Release: 6.13.0


Description: Fixed UFM hanging (database is locked) after corrective restart of UFM health.

Keywords: Hanging, Database, Locked

Discovered in Release: 6.13.0


Description: Resolved REST API links' inability to return hostname for computer nodes.

Keywords: REST API, Links, Hostname, Computer Nodes

Discovered in Release: 6.12.1


Description: Fixed ufm_ha_cluster status to show DRBD sync status.

Keywords: ufm_ha_cluster, DRBD, Sync Status

Discovered in Release: 6.13.0


Description: Fixed UFM HA installation failure.

Keywords: HA, Installation

Discovered in Release: 6.13.0


Description: Fixed UFM logs REST API returning empty result when SM logs exist on the disk.

Keywords: Logs, SM logs, Empty

Discovered in Release: 6.11.0


Description: Fixed SHARP jobs failure when SHARP reservation feature is enabled.

Keywords: SHARP, Jobs, Reservation

Discovered in Release: 6.13.0


Description: Fixed UFM module temperature alerting on wrong thresholds.

Keywords: Module Temperature, Alert Threshold

Discovered in Release: 6.13.0


Description: Fixed UFM default session API returning port counter values as NULL.

Keywords: Null, Port Counter, Value, API

Discovered in Release: 6.9.0


Description: Fixed proper update in [MngNetwork] mtu_limit in gv.cfg when restarting UFM.

Keywords: mtu_limit, gv.cfg, Update, UFM restart

Discovered in Release: 6.13.1


Description: Fixed configure_ha_nodes.sh failure when deploying UFM6.13.x HA on Ubuntu22.04.

Keywords: configure_ha_nodes.sh, HA, Ubuntu22.04

Discovered in Release: 6.13.0


Description: Fixed daily report not being sent properly.

Keywords: Daily Report, Failure

Discovered in Release: 6.13.0


Description: Fixed REST RDMA server failure every couple of days, causing inability to retrieve ibdiagnet data.

Keywords: REST RDMA, ibdiagnet

Discovered in Release: 6.12.0


Description: Fixed incorrect combination of multiple devices in monitoring.

Keywords: Monitoring, Incorrect combination

Discovered in Release: 6.12.0

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