Changes and New Features

This section lists the new and changed features in this software version.


For an archive of changes and features from previous releases, please refer to Changes and New Features History.



UFM Upgrade

Added support for in-service upgrade procedure for UFM HA. Refer to the following sections:

User Authorization

Added support for user-defined roles based on REST APIs subsets. Refer to Rest Roles Access Control.

User Authentication

Added support for user authentication based on Azure Active Directory. Refer to Azure AD Authentication.

Plugins Management

Added support for loading UFM plugin to both master and standby nodes in case of UFM HA deployment. Refer to Plugin Management.

Unhealthy Ports Policy Management

Added support for unhealthy ports policy management via UFM Web UI. Refer to Health Policy Management.

REST over RDMA Plugin

Added support for remote ibdiagnet authentication. Refer to rest-rdma Plugin.

SHARP Reservation

Added support for synchronous SHARP reservation REST API (in addition to the existing asynchronous REST API). Refer to the NVIDIA SHARP REST API.

Secondary Telemetry

Added support for secondary telemetry running by default upon UFM startup, fetching NVIDIA Amber counters. Refer to Secondary Telemetry.

Added support for down ports telemetry. Refer to Secondary Telemetry.

PCI Analysis

Added support for PCI analysis as part of UFM Fabric Analysis Report (added new events for degraded hosts PCI devices). Refer to Appendix - Supported Port Counters and Events.

UFM System Dump

Added human readable time to the dmsg de-message output as part of UFM system dump. 

Factory Reset

Added support for UFM Factory Reset. Refer to Appendix - UFM Factory Reset.


The items listed in the table below apply to all UFM license types.


For bare metal installation of UFM, it is required to install MLNX_OFED 5.X (or newer) before the UFM installation.

Please make sure to use the UFM installation package that is compatible with your setup, as detailed in Bare Metal Deployment Requirements.

The following distributions are no longer supported in UFM:

  • RH7.0-RH7.7 / CentOS7.0-CentOS7.7

  • SLES12 / SLES 15

  • EulerOS2.2 / EulerOS2.3

  • Mellanox Care (MCare) Integration

  • UFM on VM (UFM with remote fabric collector)

  • Logical server auditing

  • UFM high availability script - /etc/init.d/ufmha - is no longer supported

  • The UFM Multi-site portal feature is deprecated (as of April 2023 SW release)

  • The UFM Monitoring Mode is deprecated and is no longer supported as of UFM Enterprise version 6.14.0 (July release) and onwards

  • Logical Elements tab - Removed as of UFM Enterprise v6.12.0


In order to continue working with /etc/init.d/ufmha options, use the same options using the /etc/init.d/ufmd script.

For example:

Instead of using /etc/init.d/ufmha model_restart, please use /etc/init.d/ufmd model_restart (on the primary UFM server)

Instead of using /etc/init.d/ufmha sharp_restart, please use /etc/init.d/ufmd sharp_restart (on the primary UFM server)
The same goes for any other option that was supported on the /etc/init.d/ufmha script

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