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Rev 3.20.50010 (DRV 3.20.25915)

DevxFsRules DPDK

Enables the creation of flow rules with patterns with the exact match on both the destination and the source ports for UDP and TCP.

This new functionality is available via the new bit added to the Regkey DevxFsRules: bit 19 - MLX5_DEVX_FS_RULE_DST_PORTS.

Note: Both the destination and source ports must be both specified.


Added support for callback of type KbCallbackTriageDumpData to collect mst dump as part of live dump, and in case of bugcheck.

Note: This new capability is supported in Windows Client 10 version 1903 and Windows Server 2022 and above.


RSHIM host driver alignment for all the drivers (Windows/Linux/Arm).

For further information, see RShim Drivers and Usage.

Version Naming SchemeStarting next release, WinOF-2 will adopt the following versioning naming scheme: YY.MM-x.x.x.x (i.e., Year.Month-x.x.x.x).
The existing release branches will maintain the existing naming scheme.