Federated learning FAQ

Cross Site Validation

  1. I don’t want to share my local model. Can I opt out of cross site validation?

    Cross site validation is opt-out by default. To opt in, you must set “cross_validate”: true in config_fed_client.json and configure the cross_site_validation settings.

  2. I can’t upload my MMAR because it needs a “config_validation_ckpt.json”. Why?

    config_validation_ckpt.json is the config used for validating models on our data. The MMAR requires to have this file available.

  3. Cross site validation has finished. How can I see the results?

    Use the admin commands “validate all” or “validate <client_1> <client2>” to retreive the results.

  4. Cross site validation ran but my results are empty. Why?

    If some client is not participating in cross_site_validation OR an error occurs during validation, you will see empty results for that section. Please use the logs to retreive the error.

  5. My client is stuck in endless loop of asking for models, then waiting and repeat. What do I do?

    In some cases, cross site validation may get stuck. This is because the server sometimes doesn’t know when (or if ever) a model will become available. In these cases, please use the “abort <client>” to stop cross site validation manually.

  6. I called “abort client” during training and it started cross site validation. Why?

    This is the intended behavior. If a client is aborted, it will transition to cross site validation phase (if participating). To completely abort, call “abort client” command again.