The following are required to install Parabricks:

  • Access to the internet

  • nvidia-driver that supports cuda-9.0 or higher

  • nvidia-driver that supports cuda-10.0 or higher if you want to run deepvariant or cnnscorevariants

  • nvidia-docker or singularity version 2.6.1 or higher

  • Python 3

  • curl (Most Linux systems will already have this installed)

The following are the hardware requirements:

Any GPU that supports CUDA architecture 60, 61, 70, 75 and has 12GB GPU RAM or more. It has been tested on NVIDIA P100, NVIDIA V100, NVIDIA A100, and NVIDIA T4 GPUs.

  • 2 GPU server should have 100GB CPU RAM, at least 24 CPU threads

  • 4 GPU server should have 196GB CPU RAM, at least 32 CPU threads

  • 8 GPU server should have 392GB CPU RAM, at least 48 CPU threads

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