Known Issues: DGX-2

See the sections for specific versions to see which issues are open in those versions.

DGX-2: NVSM Erroneously Reports PSUs and Fans as Unhealthy

This issue is fixed in EL7-19.10.


After updating the BMC to version 1.05.07, output from nvsm show health reports PSUs and Fans as "unhealthy" and that they cannot be detected, even though they are fine as indicated when using ipmitool.


The "unhealthy" status is erroneous and does not impact functionality.

DGX-2: NVSM Does not Show Alerts for Modifed EFI Directory on Boot Drive

This issue was fixed in EL7-19.07.


If the EFI directory of one of the RAID 1 OS drives is inadvertently modified, the system will boot off the good drive but NVSM does not show an alert. The nvsm show command reports the drive as healthy


The EFI directory is used to hold the UEFI boot file. The ESP monitor will not be aware of changes to the directory name and will not generate an alert. This will be resolved in a future release of the NVSM software.

DGX-2: Ubuntu Boot Option Appears After Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux


After installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 and rebooting, the Ubuntu boot option still appears in the boot menu.

Explanation and Workaround

After installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the OS leaves entries from the previous DGX OS in the EFI boot table. These entries have no affect on the system other than potentially causing confusion. You can manually remove the entries as follows.

  1. Obtain a list of all the entires in the boot table.
    efibootmgr list
  2. To remove an entry, run the following.
    sudo efibootmgr -b <xxxx> -B

    Where <xxxx> is the boot entry number.

    Example: To remove the following boot entry

    Boot000A* ubuntu    HD(1,GPT,ae7ba5cb-d73f-43af-ae8c-96d8579d7299,0x800,0x100000)/File(\EFI\UBUNTU\GRUBX64.EFI)..BO

    sudo efiboomgr -b 000A -B

DGX-2: NVSM reports "System has unsupported drive" during RAID 1 rebuild

This issue was fixed in EL7-19.07.


While rebuilding the RAID 1 array, "unsupported drive" alerts appear for the volume being rebuilt.


This is an erroneous alert and can be ignored. To prevent the alert from being raised, mute monitoring for all storage components, including drives and volumes, before rebuilding the RAID array as follows.

 # nvsm set /systems/localhost/storage/policy drive_mute_monitoring=Slot0,Slot1,Slot2,Slot3,Slot4,Slot5,Slot6,Slot7,Slot8,Slot9,Slot10,Slot11,Slot12,Slot13,Slot14,Slot15
 # nvsm set /systems/localhost/storage/policy volume_mute_monitoring=md0,md1 

DGX-2: NVSM EFI Sync Hangs on CentOS


On CentOS, when attempting to replicate the EFI partition and rebuild RAID 1, the rebuild process hangs.


This is an issue with sync'ing EFI on CentOS, and is resolved in EL7-19.07.