Version EL7-21.04


The DGX Software for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, EL7-21.04 update, is available.

EL7-21.04 supports all DGX products - DGX A100, DGX-2, DGX-1 (with Tesla V100), DGX Station, and DGX Station A100.


Installing or updating to EL7-21.04 also updates the installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 distribution to the latest version. If you require use of the Mellanox OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution for Linux (MLNX_OFED), then before installing or updating to EL7-21.04, be sure that there is a MLNX_OFED package version available that supports the latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 version.

If a supporting MLNX_OFED package has been released, then be sure to install it.

R450 Repository

The R450 repository must be enabled if you are installing on the DGX A100 or DGX Station A100. See the DGX Software for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Installation Guide for instructions.

Change Highlights

  • Added support for DGX Station A100.

  • The following changes were made in the Release 450 driver package.

    • Updated the GPU driver to 450.119.04

    • Updated NVSM to 20.09.21

    • Updated DCGM to 2.0.15

  • The following changes were made in the Release 418 driver package.

Software Contents:

The following table provides version information for software included in the DGX Software Stack for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.


Unlike the DGX OS shipped with the NVIDIA DGX system, the DGX software stack for Red Hat does not include the Mellanox OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution (MLNX_OFED) for Linux. This is due to the likelihood of the MLNX_OFED kernel  being out of sync with the Red Hat distribution kernel. This can result in system instability. To use InfiniBand on the DGX system, see the DGX Software for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Installation Guide for instructions.

Table 8. Contents of the Repositories


Versions in the Release 418 Driver Package

Versions in the Release 450 Driver Package

GPU Driver



NVIDIA System Management (NVSM)



Data Center GPU Management (DCGM)



DGX Station Theme

dgxstation-desktop - 19.10-0

dgx-gnome - 19.10-0

dgxstation-desktop - 19.10-0

dgx-gnome - 19.10-0

(From R418 Repository)

NCCL Runtime



cuDNN Library Runtime




CUDA Toolkit

CUDA 10.1.243

CUDA 11.0.3



NVIDIA has validated and tested the DGX Software version EL7-21.04 with the following:

  • Linux Distribution and kernel

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.9

    • CentOS 7.9

    • Kernel 3.10.0-1160.25.1.el7

  • NVIDIA DGX systems

    • NVIDIA DGX A100

    • NVIDIA DGX-2

    • NVIDIA DGX-1 (V100)

    • NVIDIA DGX Station A100

    • NVIDIA DGX Station

  • MLNX OFED version 4.9-

  • ConnectX Firmware

    • ConnectX-4: 12.28.2006

    • ConnectX-5: 16.28.2006

    • ConnectX-6: 20.28.2006

NVIDIA acknowledges the wide use of CentOS and understands that it is a community-developed derivative of the NVIDIA supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Support for CentOS is available directly from the CentOS community. NVIDIA ensures that NVIDIA provided software runs on tested CentOS versions and will try to identify and correct issues related to NVIDIA provided software.

Update Instructions

See the section Installing and Updating the Software install-update> for instructions.

Resolved Issues

Known Issues

Known Limitations

See Known Limitations for the list of known limitations and other issues that will not be fixed.

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