The NVIDIA DGX-1 Server is a specialized server designed to be deployed in a data center. It must be configured to protect the hardware from unauthorized access and unapproved use. The DGX-1 Server is designed with a dedicated BMC Management Port and multiple Ethernet network ports.

When installing the DGX-1 Server in the data center, follow best practices as established by your organization to protect against unauthorized access.

Updating BMC Username and Password

If you have not already updated the default BMC username and passwords, NVIDIA recommends the BMC username and passwords be updated immediately to protect your system or nodes from unauthorized access. Follow the instructions in the section Creating a Unique BMC Password for Remote Access to update the default password.

Securing SNMP

Administrators must also confirm that the SNMP Read and Read/Write community strings are changed to a secure phrase or that you have disabled SNMP access. These settings can be found in the BMC dashboard under Configuration > SNMP.

Securing the BMC Port

NVIDIA recommends that the BMC port of the DGX-1 Server be connected to a dedicated management network with firewall protection. If remote access to the BMC is required (such as for a system hosted at a co-location provider), it should be accessed through a secure method that provides isolation from the internet, such as through a VPN server.