DGX-2 Firmware Update Process

This chapter provides an overview of the firmware update process when issuing update_fw all and the installed SBIOS is older than 0.28.

Because the SBIOS update is accomplished in two phases (main SBIOS update first, followed by the Intel ME update), you will need to power cycle the server a couple of times to update all the components. The following shows the order in which the updates are performed, and the components that are updated at each stage:
  1. Issue update_fw all.
    • The BMC gets updated.
    • The SBIOS gets updated.
    • The ConnectX card gets updated (if mlnx-fw-updater package is installed).
    The following message appears:
      Installed firmware 0.29 on SBIOS.Active. Do power cycle for new firmware to take effect.
      Power Cycle is required for new firmware(s) to take effect:
        1. Gracefully shutdown the system (issue `shutdown` command)
        2. Use the WEB UI and use power controls to power on the system
           or from another system use ipmitool chassis power on command
      SBIOS.Active does not up-to-date. Please perform the above actions and update again.
  2. Power cycle the system.
  3. Issue update_fw all.
    The Intel ME gets updated.
    Note: Since the Intel ME is part of the SBIOS, the container messaging may indicate that the SBIOS is getting updated. This is expected.
  4. Power cycle the system.