DriveWorks SDK Reference
4.0.0 Release
For Test and Development only


The NVIDIA® DriveWorks SDK includes tools that you can use in your development.

These tools create output files that are placed into the current working directory by default. Please ensure the following for your convenience:

  • Write permissions are enabled for the current working directory.
  • Include the tools folder in the binary search path of the system.
  • Execute from your home directory.

Additionally, if you experience a permissions error when you enter the command to run a tool, re-enter the command preceded with sudo.

Sensor Tools

The DriveWorks Sensor Tools visualizes and controls sensor configurations.

Tool Description
Rig Viewer Tool Displays connected sensor configuration.
Rig Reserializer Tool Re-serializes rig files with the latest version.
Sensor Indexer Tool Creates seek tables for all supported sensors.
Camera Server Daemon Process Tool Dispatches camera frames from a specific camera group.
SIPL Query Tool Displays SIPL sensor devices and configurations.
Sensors Initialization Tool Initializes all sensors listed in a rig file.

Recording Tools

The DriveWorks Recording Tools records data from the sensors attached to NVIDIA DRIVEā„¢ platforms.

Tool Description
Recording Tools Records sensor data.

Post-Recording Tools

The DriveWorks Post-Recording Tools post-processes and checks data captured from the Recording Tools.

Tool Description
Post-record Checker Verifies data integrity for each recording session.
Recording Chopping Tool Removes information from input recordings, based on a given timestamp or event range.
Replayer Tool Replays sensor data and visualizes sensor configuration.
Video Exporter Exports RAW, LRAW, or H.264 recorded videos in a MP4 container.
Muxer mp4 Exports RAW or H.264 video streams in an MP4 container.
Recording Header Dump Outputs recording header information.
LRAW to RAW Conversion Tool Converts an LRAW input file into a RAW output file.
LRAW Preview Extraction Tool Extracts encoded H.264 LRAW preview data to an output file.
CAN Recording Update Tool Updates CAN based recordings to larger data packets.

Calibration Tools

The DriveWorks Calibration Tools perform static sensor calibration.

Tool Description
Camera Calibration Tools Static camera calibration utilties.
IMU Calibration Tool Static IMU calibration.

DNN Optimization Tools

The DriveWorks DNN Optimization Tools optimizes various models utilizing TensorRT.

Tool Description
TensorRT Optimizer Tool Optimizes Caffe, UFF, or ONNX models using TensorRT.

General Tools

These are general tools for Driveworks which may be useful to you.

Tools Description
DriveWorks Info Tool Prints out general Driveworks information, such as version, in a parseable JSON format.