Class DoubleBufferTransmitter

Base Type

class DoubleBufferTransmitter : public holoscan::Transmitter

Double buffer transmitter class.

The DoubleBufferTransmitter class is used to emit messages to another operator within a fragment.

Public Functions

template<typename ArgT, typename ...ArgsT, typename = std::enable_if_t<!std::is_base_of_v<Resource, std::decay_t<ArgT>> && (std::is_same_v<Arg, std::decay_t<ArgT>> || std::is_same_v<ArgList, std::decay_t<ArgT>>)>>
inline DoubleBufferTransmitter(ArgT &&arg, ArgsT&&... args)

DoubleBufferTransmitter() = default

DoubleBufferTransmitter(const std::string &name, nvidia::gxf::DoubleBufferTransmitter *component)

DoubleBufferTransmitter(const std::string &name, AnnotatedDoubleBufferTransmitter *component)

virtual const char *gxf_typename() const override

virtual void setup(ComponentSpec &spec) override

Define the resource specification.


spec – The reference to the component specification.

void track()

Track the data flow of the receiver and use holoscan::AnnotatedDoubleBufferTransmitter as the GXF Component.

Public Members

Parameter<uint64_t> capacity_

Parameter<uint64_t> policy_

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